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As at 9:20 pm AEST, August 6th, 2011/6th Av, 5771 from Melbourne, Australia I declare that I am the prophesied redeemer as outlined by the Twelfth Article of Faith. I can prove the following :

(1) Violence is not innate. (2) The Universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive. (3) All behaviour is a result of mindset and setting. (4) A literal Ganeden on Planet Earth can be created by Jan. 1st 2050.

This comprises the following...

Current global GDP is approx. $60 Trillion. At 5% p.a. growth rate this can build to $383 Trillion. The global population can stabilize at 8 Billion by that date. This would mean a per capita income of $47,875. The General Welfare of each nation will adequately supply : Safety; Food; Water; Shelter; Elimination; Mobility; Work; Rest; Play; Education; A Sense of Purpose/Belonging; An Identity; Creativity; Intimacy/Companionship; Friendship; Time to Think/Feel/Act; Space to Think/Feel/Act; Faith; Clothing/Footwear; Other.

The Messianic Imperatives can also be completed by this date, i.e.

(a) Usher in an Age of World Peace, i.e. Turn all people to G-d/the Good. (b) Have a male heir. (c) Re-institute the Sanhedrin. (d) Build the House for All Nations/Third Temple.

I have used a metaphor for about seven years now to describe the process. A Rubik's Cube no matter how diabolical its configuration can always be solved in 27 moves. The Redemption, i.e. Counter-Balancing of the dark forces by the forces of light is a process that unfolds over time. The key is to make the right moves in the right order at the right time. Forcing one of the Messianic Imperatives before its time will prove counterproductive.

The Messianic Government Organisational Plan is :


Moshiach - Partner/Wife Assistants Staff

Sanhedrin x 71

International Agencies National Advisors Ambassadors Auditors World Bank World Defence Force

The Nation States

Government : National - Regional - Local Defence Force intelligence Service Civil Service Judiciary Police/Sherrifs/Prisons Private Sector Citizens

All the pieces of the divine jigsaw puzzle are now present. G-d wants this paradigm to be established. For the World Peace 2050 plan to unfold from this point, I need to be invited to Jerusalem with my team of assistants tout de suite.


Adam Neira


• The World Peace 2050 prophecy/vision/idea/website was established in April 2000 after an incredible five years.

• The first time I ever heard of the term “Moshiach” was after picking up by chance “My Name is Asher Lev” at a bookshop in Eltham whilst doing a market research job in August 2001

• was first registered in May 2002

• I first walked into East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation in February 2003

• I discovered that my great-great-grandfather was Jewish in July 2003

• Extensive genealogical research confirmed that he was from the Davidic families, descended patrlineally from King David via Solomon.

• The DNA test confirmed Y Haplotype Ashkenazic descent in September 2003