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Sanhedrin during Second Temple Period

TheSanhedrin.NET is a website dedicated to the history, development and attempts to re-establishment the Jewish Sanhedrin within Jewish Law (halacha).

Its goal is to discuss, research and document how the Sanhedrin operated in history, how the Sanhedrin Initiative operates now, and how a full Sanhedrin could operate in the near future - particularly in terms of a detailed study of Jewish Law (halacha), and the transformation of the historical body into a modern legislature. Information on the Sanhedrin Initiative is based on interviews and other public sources of information, with additional translations, context, history, discussions and explanations provided.

It reflects the combined efforts of hundreds of loyalists, supporters, not-yet supporters, and many who are just interested in the idea of a Sanhedrin. Please become a member of F.O.S. and contribute to whatever you have to offer to the effort of establishing truly Jewish leadership in our time.

Director, Friends of the Sanhedrin

Volunteers Needed!

The two Sanhedrin related websites, and require your help. We have many articles, research and position papers that need to be organized, translated, and uploaded to help make these websites the go-to location on the internet for all things related to the Sanhedrin and the future courts of the Jewish people. Without your help, most people will not be aware of the near weekly meetings being held, and the over 200 issues currently being discussed and debated within the various Sanhedrin related committees.

Currently, our websites are set up as restricted wikis. You can start to help immediately by creating a user account on both the English and Hebrew version of each websites, and getting it approved. Even before approval, you can edit your own personal talk page to start uploading or translating Sanhedrin related material.

For a detailed list of things that you can start helping with now see the following:

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Getting started