Director, Friends of the Sanhedrin
= Volunteers Needed! =
The two Sanhedrin related websites, [] and [] require your help. We have many articles, research and position papers that need to be organized, translated, and uploaded to help make these websites the go-to location on the internet for all things related to the Sanhedrin and the future courts of the Jewish people. Without your help, most people will not be aware of the near weekly meetings being held, and the over 200 issues currently being discussed and debated within the various Sanhedrin related committees.
Currently, our websites are set up as restricted wikis. You can start to help immediately by creating a user account on both the English and Hebrew version of each websites, and getting it approved. Even before approval, you can edit your own personal talk page to start uploading or translating Sanhedrin related material.
For a detailed list of things that you can start helping with now see the following:
* [[List of projects that need volunteers]]
SIGN UP Here, to become a full participating member of the Sanhedrin community.
[ Create an English account on the community page]
[ Create an Hebrew account on the community page]
[ Create an English account on the official communications page]
[ Create a Hebrew account on the official communications page]
== Getting started ==
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