Commentary: What is the meaning of the Noahide Oath?

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This statement is part of a series of twenty requests for piskei din (legal rulings) that have been submitted to the Beis Din by those who follow its rulings. While full piskei din (legal rulings) are in preparation, a brief summary is presented. The summary below is not meant to be used as a source for deriving any practical consequences.

The original ruling[1] was this:

On the 6th of Tevet, the Beis Din for Bnei Noah was asked:

Q. What is the meaning of the Noahide Oath? What is halachic implications of a Noahide pledge or oath before a Beis Din?

Answer. To achieve formal status, a non-Jew today has to make a declaration before a Beit Din of Jews.

This Beis Din of Rabbi Schwartz has decided as follows: Is is an obligation of the Beis Din to permit a person who wishes to make a declaration and to hear this declaration.

It is NOT the obligation of the Beis Din to issue certificates. The issue of certificates must be thought out anew. If a decision is taken that certificates will be issued subject to conditions, the Beis Din will have to find ways and means to verify that those conditions are met.
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