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Friends of the Sanhedrin

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[[Image:SanhedrinSession.jpg|thumb|right|Sanhedrin during Second Temple Period]]
[[Image:Thesanhedrin.png|thumb|right|[ The Nascent Sanhedrin] ]]

'''TheSanhedrin.NET''' is a website dedicated to the history, development and attempts to re-establishment the Jewish Sanhedrin within Jewish Law (''halacha'').

Its goal is to discuss, research and document how the Sanhedrin operated in history, how the Sanhedrin Initiative operates now, and how a full Sanhedrin could operate in the near future - particularly in terms of a detailed study of Jewish Law (''halacha''), and the transformation of the historical body into a modern legislature. Information on the Sanhedrin Initiative is based on interviews and other public sources of information, with additional translations, context, history, discussions and explanations provided.

It reflects the combined efforts of hundreds of loyalists, supporters, not-yet supporters, and many who are just interested in the idea of a Sanhedrin. Please become a member of F.O.S. and contribute to whatever you have to offer to the effort of establishing truly Jewish leadership in our time.

Director, Friends of the Sanhedrin

== Getting started ==
* [ The Official Website of the Nascent Sanhedrin]
* [ "Friends of the Sanhedrin" Discussion Forums]
* [[List of projects that need volunteers]]

== Resources ==
* [[Current events]] - News about the Sanhedrin Initiative and related efforts.
* [[History, Reference]] - The operation of the Jewish Sanhedrin, past, present and future
* [[Sanhedrin Initiative]] - What is the Sanhedrin Initiative. The halachic idea behind the restoration of the Sanhedrin. Views regarding its potential and actual authority and basis for operation.
* [[Courts, Committees]] - Discussion of the Sanhedrin Initiative's organization: subcourts & committees.
* [[Legislation and Commentary]] - Discussion of the Sanhedrin Initiative's legislation and rulings, with additional translations and unofficial comment.
* [[Legislature Proposals]] - Studies of proposals for the transformation of the historical body into a modern legislature.
* [[Scholar Resources]] - Specialized resources for advanced scholars and rabbis concerning the subject of a Jewish Sanhedrin.
* [[Sponsors, Friends]] - List of sponsors and friends with links to websites.

[[he:ידידי הסנהדרין]]

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